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Details & Information for Giant Maps

1. For Information

For information about GIANT map art for your organization, please call our project counselor.
From the USA: (800) 833-8586 x210
International: +1 (707) 778-1124 x210
Contact:           Aaron -- (800) 833-8586 x210 or (707) 778-1124 x210, aaron@worldtradepress.com

2. Personalized Maps

Base price is for custom-printed maps personalized with your company logo, URL and company colors.

3. One-Piece Maps

Our GIANT maps are the largest one-piece maps in the world. You do not have to piece sections together.

4. Finest Quality

Our GIANT maps are printed on high resolution ultra-wide format 6-color printers and are the most detailed and highest quality large-scale maps in the world.

5. Lamination

Our GIANT maps are printed on very heavy paper and double-laminated (10-mil back and 5-mil front), making them extremely durable and completely waterproof.

6. Customized Maps

We have extensive experience creating customized maps. We can:

  • Make country, state or regional maps
  • Create specialty maps such as railroad or airport maps
  • Insert logos, stars or icons to represent your organization's offices or points of interest
  • Add or delete geographic features

7. Color Palettes

Select from three standard color palettes: Brilliant, Subdued or Earth -- or let us create one for you.




8. Discounts

We offer discounts for multiple copy purchases of the exact same map. Determine how many you need for all your locations or clients and give us a call.

9. Stock Image Maps

You may also order unpersonalized (without your company name and logo) stock image maps at a discount.

10. Shipping

We package our GIANT maps in rigid tubes. We can also drop ship to one or hundreds of locations worldwide.

11. Product of the USA

All of our GIANT maps are produced in the USA.